Eden Saunders Productions

Specialising in Charity Video Production


About Me

My Passion

I have been fascinated in the art of film-making since ten years old, and have been self taught ever since.

My circumstances didn't allow for a well rounded education but my talents for filming, writing, editing and art have more than made up for that. I live for filming and truly 'shine' from behind the camera!

By doing voluntary work, it became apparent how much awareness for organisations are required and how through pictures this can be conveyed...so that is why my passion is for making promotionial charity films.


My Skills

I can make a jolly good video! I'm not a talker, listening is my thing.


Film making is my passion


Helping you to raise awareness


Enhance videos with artwork

I have an amazing work ethic and great attention to detail, making sure the film is professional and has continuity. I have a creative flair so that once given an idea I will produce a video that captures, and enhances the moment. My camera equipment is discreet and I blend into the background thus allowing filming to be natural, calming and almost invisible. Often very little directing is needed which makes filming pleasurable for all. Storyboards will be drawn for my use but can be presented to clients to show ideas, and open for adjustments. Editing is respectful to the subject matter yet powerful, and amusing if required. With or without sound tracks and my artwork can be added, also if required. And most importantly in regard to charity films, I will keep what I see and whom I meet private and confidential.

With thanks to Kevin Macleod for his imaginative music.



Below is a small selection of artwork commisions.